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Sales has fundamentally changed.

  • January 31, 2024

Sales has fundamentally changed.

Duh. This should be obvious to most. Sales changes all the time. There’s a reason why pick up rates and email responses are lower and sales reps feel a need to build a brand online.

But I’m talking about something else.

Sure, we’ve seen a shift in messaging, marketing, and outreach – but where we’ve seen an even more fundamental shift is around client needs and expectations.

No longer are legal, security, and pre-sales disparate parts of the sales process that are assigned to small parts of enterprise deals. Due to breaches and competition – clients require security reviews and want a solution, with more deals than ever going to bid.

You can blame many factors – and the truth is you’d probably be right. But for us sales people, that doesn’t change the reality on the ground. We need our partners in security, legal, and pre-sales more than ever.

Because if you don’t sell a solution you risk competing on price / coming off transactional.

Without a security posture, you can get exposed by competitors as irresponsible.

So, what to do? If we think of sales as a stool – the other two legs are security and pre-sales.

The work these teams do in service of sales is so intertwined and important and with the right process and tech could significantly bolster one another. The detective work that pre-sales does, could accelerate and personalize risk assessments and security reviews. The research, technical writing, and collection of SMEs that security curates and partners with, could save pre-sales hours of detective work.

Find out how IRIS helps your team work off the same page!

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