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What is responsible AI?

Every day, we read about a new magical AI tool designed to automate a part of your workday. We at Iris feel that, at times, AI sales and marketing campaigns can be disingenuous when answering questions around, where your data is stored, what technology was used to test or build a model, and how quickly you will see results.

With that in mind, Iris approaches the market slightly differently. Our infrastructure protects your data, and we don’t have any relationship with public models such as OpenAI. During our client-facing conversations, we will be transparent in sharing the change management and training plan associated with successfully onboarding Iris.

There is no magic wand, and this industry could do a better job of being a bit more transparent, patient, and honest in its approach.

- Ben & Sagee

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Iris leverages a single tenant infrastructure, meaning, everything that happens in your instance of Iris is unique to your instance. 

Iris starts working from the first uploaded document. However, as a rule of thumb, the more depth to your documentation the more accurate and detailed the responses will be.

Your data is stored in US based data centers, encrypted in transit and at rest, in accordance with our Information Security Policy.

No. Here at Iris we have never used any OpenAI or ChatGPT services in an effort to keep your data private and secure.

Much like an employee, Iris starts off with a baseline knowledge of your business. Over time, Iris learns context and depth from your edits.