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Empower Everyone to be an Expert 24/7

Answers at your fingertips

Allow all employees to have access to the same trusted information. Think of Iris as the technical person you can have on every customer call, the security leader answering your questions for clients, or your assistant in writing accurate emails. Simply type in a question and within seconds receive an answer based on your knowledge map.

Leverage our Chrome extension to access your company's knowledge from wherever you do work.

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Information you can trust

When Iris generates an answer, it will show you the exact source and corresponding citations that informed your answer. If Iris doesn't know, it will let you know that taking away the worries of hallucinations.  

Fine-tune your responses with prompt engineering

Use prompt engineering to have complete control over tone, length, and all other aspects of the content generated.

Dashboard Questionnaires Knowledge Map (11)
Dashboard Questionnaires Knowledge Map (8)

Speed to first draft

We know that security cannot be taken out of the process of delivering accurate information to customers. Our clients appreciate the time saved from no longer drafting responses, emails, and policies from scratch. They can simply review first drafts from the team member who needs this information while saving valuable time along the way.

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