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Elevate Your Team's Expertise

Unlock institutional knowledge with the first platform built for security-led growth.

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Tess Kelly-Frazier

Senior Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer

Tess Kelly-Frazier, Class.com

"The Al-Native platform is a game-changer for us. It not only streamlines our response process but also showcases our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology. This is a clear message to our clients about our capability to handle their needs swiftly and efficiently."

Jeffrey Ericson, MedRisk

Chief Information Security Officer

Jeffrey K. Ericson, MedRisk

"Iris is the best thing since sliced bread!"

Jared Smith

Director of Information Security

Jared Smith, Lavender.ai

“Within 10 minutes of our first onboarding session I had a CAIQ filled out based on all of my docs in Drata.”


IT Chief of Staff

Madeleine Garcia, Embark

“I’m a huge fan of it because I don’t have to wait a week for these questionnaires.”


Director of Security

Justin Merhoff, Deque.com

“Iris writes me thorough responses faster than I can write them.”


IT Manager

Melanie Martin, Evertrue

"I don't usually love questionnaires but now I am ready and look forward to running the next one through Iris!"


Head of Solutions & Professional Services

Spencer Lawson, CoSo Cloud

"After only 3 hours of training the platform, I will never write a Statement of Work without starting in Iris again."

GRC Manager, SaaS Startup

Current Customer

"As a new employee, I felt welcomed earlier on because I could ask Iris questions instead of having to constantly ask my boss."

Information Security Officer, SaaS Company

Current Customer

"For the first time in years, I can take vacation and not have questions escalated to me via Slack."

daniel hansen

Director of Sales

Daniel J. Hansen, Class.Com

"My team is more confident and faster at responding to questions from prospects while on calls."

Security & sales shouldn't be siloed.

Sales and security must work together to win and retain customers. Unfortunately, how they work together is broken:

  • Siloed information is always gatekept
  • Out of date knowledge base can't be trusted
  • Diverse tools create fragmented workflows
  • No one has visibility into the status of work
Confused people looking for information
Happy people working together

Your new home base for security-led growth.

CISOs and their teams spend more than half of their time on business initiatives, yet have no home base to manage and report on that work. With Iris, security teams have:

  • A centralized Knowledge Map with cited sources
  • Instant and accurate security information for all employees
  • Insights into how your work drives business value
  • Crush tedious tasks 10x faster with automation

Iris replaces your legacy Q&A Bank, questionnaire tool, and frustration.

Legacy tools were built with legacy mindsets. Forward thinking security leaders adopt Iris to put security at the center of growth.

Q&A banks inevitably become messy, out of date, and require a lot of revisions. You're better off command-f-ing through your last submitted document than searching through thousands of Q&A pairings. As a result, security leaders aren't encouraging sales reps to go to Loopio when they need an answer. Most importantly, Loopio doesn’t improve the relationship with your sales team.

Q&A banks inevitably become messy, out of date, and require a lot of revisions. As a result, security leaders aren't encouraging sales reps to go to Responsive when they need an answer. Per project pricing leads customers to be afraid to use the tool. Only Iris is all-you-can-eat for all users, encouraging the adoption of the tool. Most importantly, Responsive doesn’t improve the relationship with your sales team.

If you want tech-enabled services, hire a vCISO. People choose IRIS to speed up a manual process, not hand it off. As a result, security leaders aren't encouraging sales reps to go to HyperComply when they need an answer. Most importantly, HyperComply doesn’t improve the relationship with your sales team.
Iris Competitive Landscape

The Iris Platform

Knowledge Map
Iris will read, parse, understand, and store your content in one centralized source of truth that can be easily updated by approved employees. 

Question Sets
Drag and drop a Security Questionnaire, RFP, or RFI, and get hundreds of answers generated and contextualized for that request.
Ask Iris
Empower everyone to access accurate information in real time, grounded in your source of truth.
Tie your initiatives to revenue and encourage everyone to feel proud about the impact of their work.
Iris Platform

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