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How Class Technologies Streamlined Their Questionnaire Process

At A Glance

Class Technologies leverages the AI-Native capabilities of HeyIris to transform weeks of tedious work on Security Questionnaires into hours of streamlined automation.

About Class

Class Technologies (Class) is a fast-growing Educational Technology startup, serving millions of users from over 1,500 institutions worldwide with the goal of providing a next-generation virtual classroom designed to enhance active learning, collaboration, and engagement in online classes and virtual instructor-led training.


The team at Class is responsible for completing hundreds of complex security questionnaires, RFPs, and other documentation requests every year. This work is often repetitive and feels tedious, making it prime for augmentation by AI.


Class chooses HeyIris to bring an AI-Native approach to managing their requests. This is not just an upgrade—it is a strategic pivot that redefines their previously cumbersome process. Now an individual can complete an entire questionnaire in one sitting.

The process is easy — the team at Class uploads a questionnaire into HeyIris, and watches as the platform generates responses to each question, citing its sources, and enabling a reviewer to edit or approve responses. A completed questionnaire is now ready for the prospect by the next day, instead of the next week, or even a month later.


Static and dynamic content editing

With the traditional slow pace for security questionnaires, Class uses HeyIris to significantly expedite their process, ensuring swift turnover for clients and streamlining business operations.

Leverage existing institutional knowledge

HeyIris efficiently generates hundreds of answers at a time by leveraging existing company documentation.

Tap into the power of an AI-native platform

HeyIris automates the tedious and mundane aspects of filling out security questionnaires, allowing Class teams to focus on more important tasks.

Tess Kelly-Frazier. Senior Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer, Class.com
Tess Kelly-Frazier
Senior Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer, Class.com

"This is a clear message to our clients about our capability to handle their needs swiftly and efficiently.”

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