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Speed Through Hundreds of Questions at a Time

Drag & drop your document 

Iris will automatically read through the contents and identify questions regardless of format.

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Iris Portal Extension

Make portal questionnaires a breeze

Iris can extract questions from portal-based questionnaires, speeding up your workflow even in the toughest of situations.

Fine-tune your responses with prompt engineering

Use prompt engineering to have complete control over tone, length, and all other aspects of the content generated.

Prompt Iris with custom instructions
Iris Question review process

Generate hundreds of responses without typing

Sit back and relax while Iris generates answers, then sends you an email when the questionnaire is ready for your review.

Collaborate with co-workers

Assign questions to your teammates and provide them an easy place to manage outstanding requests. No more tagging co-workers in Google Docs and endless Slack threads. Now everyone can manage their requests from one platform.

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