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Boosting Workplace Morale: How IRIS AI Transforms Efficiency Into Employee Happiness

  • December 9, 2023


In-house private AI is a game-changer for employee efficiency and satisfaction. According to a study by the Nielsen Norman Group, AI assistance can lead to a remarkable 66% increase in employee productivity, empowering individuals to complete more tasks within a given timeframe. Moreover, research from SnapLogic highlights that 81% of employees believe AI enhances their job performance, with two-thirds eagerly seeking more AI tools to improve productivity and decision-making.

IRIS AI is a private in-house AI solution that significantly enhances efficient responses to security questionnaires and other documentation tasks. By automating these time-consuming processes, IRIS AI can boost productivity and, as a result, increase job satisfaction. Employees can now focus on engaging and strategic work, leaving mundane tasks to IRIS AI. By embracing IRIS AI, companies can look forward to a more efficient and motivated workforce, ready to tackle the challenges of the modern business environment.



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